Missoni inaugurates its new flagship store in Shanghai.
The project has been curated by BBA Studio. Missoni in Shanghai introduces a new store concept conceived by the Milan-based BBA design studio.The architectural concept creates a neutral environment wherein colours and fabrics of the clothing and accessories can stand out, without ever renouncing a certain level of characteristic style and refinement in the use and choice of materials and lighting.The new flagship store already reveals its identity to the public in the storefront design: the iconic zig-zag movement that characterises Missoni fabrics is here cleverly conjured up with colours, vertical metal elements and slashes of light that create dynamic energy, like a surface in movement.
Inside the store lies a succession of walls that gently connect to each other, created partly in metal slats, partly with compressed cellulose, with the aim of creating a single continuous space across which the customer’s eye can slide without any obstacle. Around the entire perimeter, as a background detail, it is possible to identify the graphic texture of the internationally-famous knitwear which has become the key feature of Missoni style.

Photos by Zhang Yuguang