BBA outcome

At the heart of our creative process is measure and proportion. With generosity we take care to define every detail of the project we face.
The outcome, which does not disregard the application of ethical codes, such as attention to people and the environment, is the result of study, analysis and synthesis of customer requests.

Over the years, BBA has consistently collaborated with several Italian Luxury brands such as ValentinoLoro PianaVersace, Canali, Bottega Veneta, Ermenegildo Zegna and Missoni, as well as with foreign brands and opened thousands of boutiques around the world. The Studio has extended its field of activity to other areas of the retail universe, ranging from Fashion to many other realities, such as Amplifon or Electrolux.

At the same time, BBA has developed important refurbishment and interior design projects in the heart of Milan in the residential private sector, working closely with the richness of the Italian heritage and developing a more contemporary language.

The studio strong creative know-how allows to successfully guide each client through the process that leads to the definition of an aesthetic idea, developing design solutions and details that are both decorative and functional in order to meet the clients’ needs.